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Why Partner With SDG Foundation


Join a committed group of organizations, foundations, and individuals.


Invest in a market-based approach to sustainable economic development.


Tap into new market and opportunities.



Give time and expertise, to create new revenue streams.

Affiliation is the act of becoming formally connected for a common cause. The SDG Foundation invites affiliations from likeminded individuals and organizations to be part of something important that creates a powerful impact and sense of achievement for you as an organization / individual.

The SDG affiliate network will facilitate to identify and participate in projects and programs, matching your skill sets, which allow you to reach a larger audience and create better shared values, while generating new revenue models.

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at the Foundation. Partnering with us gives you access to extensive network of experts in important global markets. We are driven by our mission to develop opportunities that can only be achieved by working together. The idea is to create innovative, high-performing joint programs with partners worldwide. Public and private partners are a key component of Foundation’s success i.e. to build sustainable communities – locally, nationally and globally.

We welcome all, who desire to make an impact through targeted, collective contribution in Sustainable Development. SDG Foundation operates on a 2 tiered Affiliation Structure –SD Partners and SD Associates. These levels are determined simply by whether you want to connect as an organization or as an individual.

The affiliation program is performance based, meaning, although it is free to join but is based on your active participation and contributions. For more details please get in touch with us at –