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Dr. Shrikar Dole is a highly-experienced expert in International Trade and in formulation of sustainability policies. He has completed his M.B.A. in International Business and Ph.D. in International Trade Relations with further specialization from CBI, Netherlands and Euro Academy, Belgium. His research on Central Asian countries during late Nineties, became the basis on which Foreign Trade Policy for central Asian economies was developed. Since then he has been member of committees under various Ministries in India.

He has been closely associated in formulation of sustainability policies in various capacities both with private sector and government agencies. He is a well known speaker on international trade, clean technologies and sustainability in various forums including Press and TV.

With his diversified experience spanning more than 25 years he established as founder, SDG Foundation to promote Corporate Sustainability. In addition he is also an Associate with Environment Management Centre, Member of the Board of Advisers of IFAT India, & Wastech Exhibitions, Mentor at Scale Minds a start up initiative, member of Board of Studies of NMIMS Global Access School for continuing studies as well as a member of CITEP’s Board of Advisory and Board of Studies.

In the past he has worked as COO of India’s trade promotion efforts in North and South Americas based in Chicago and later was CEO of India Trade Centre in Europe. His focus has always been SMEs. He is an expert in International Technology Transfer.He has been actively involved in establishing specialized International Business division for major corporate in the field of Textiles, Chemicals, Engineering, etc.
He is also an ex-Air Force Fighter Pilot.

Aditi Mehta is a Psychologist and Dance experts. She is a founder of Jumbish – a dance and movement therapy (DMT) counseling centre. According to her the potential of DMT, both as an instrument for mental health and reclaiming the body is significant. In the past she has worked as a school counselor, Psychology teacher as well as dance teacher. According to her DMT allows for a confluence of these streams in providing method to work effectively in the field of psychotherapeutic integration of individuals.

She has done trainings for children and parents around issues of gender, sex education and parenting as well as supervised teachers for conducing workshops. She has worked with various NGO’s as a dance and movement therapist and counselor. I her experience the techniques used in DMT leads to psycho-social and physical integration of people as a powerful tools of innovation in choreography and improvisation.

She has completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a thesis on childhood in urban slums focusing on the experiences and meanings that can be attached to being a child in such a context. Aditi is also a trained Odissi (a form of Indian classical dance) dancer and has performed in national and international festivals and has conducted dance workshops to train children. Her interest in Sustainable development is more on social side.